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Why should you have an ‘automated fingerprint attendance system’?

The fingerprint biometric system is highly optimized to provide impenetrable security. This is achieved by saving every specific characteristic of a fingerprint in form of a ‘biometric encrypt key’ instead of an image. Since it is saved as an encrypted key, nobody is able to change the algorithm to an image. Hence, it is impossible to duplicate the fingerprints.

Fingerprint biometric attendance systems have various advantages, these may include: easy installation of the system, accuracy rate of the biometric systems are very high, employees may forget their identity cards but not their fingers and it can easily reject a person who is not registered into the system.

The workforce management and biometrics. Most of the time, commercial organizations tend to have a difficult time dealing with workforce efficiency and client demands. Workforce management is simply about managing the workforce and ensuring that it remains productive, and should be able to meet demands as well. In this case, time-tracking of employees is a very crucial activity of workforce management practices. In order to implement time-tracking, companies are required to make use of the automated biometric fingerprint attendance system.

Enrolling to the attendance system has its immediate benefits. One of them includes increased productivity, whereby an efficient system can deal with all forms of time theft, leading to an increase in productivity. The second benefit is related to payroll efficiency. If employees are barred from any form of time theft, they are more likely to work for the hours that they are being paid for, and this leads to an improvement in payroll efficiency.

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