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What you need to know before buying a Dehumidifier

A dehumidifier is an appliance which reduces the amount of humidity in the air usually for health reasons, comfort or even to eliminate odours. Humidity levels can breed mildew and mould, triggering allergies or other health problems. Naturally, the damper your space, the more capacity you’ll need in a dehumidifier. Dehumidifiers vary according to how many litres of moisture it can remove in 24 hours. Typically, they range from 12 to 40 litres per day.
How a Dehumidifier Works
To remove moisture, dehumidifiers use a fan to move air over refrigerated coils, which pull moisture from the air and drip it into a tank.

What to Know before you buy a Dehumidifier
1. Noise Level
Noise is a concern in living spaces and therefore when purchasing, the recommended noise levels range between 55 to 67 decibels.
2. Power Saving
A dehumidifier should have a very good energy saving efficiency. This means a big saving in operational costs.
3. Space
The large capacity models remove moisture quickly and efficiently in the toughest situations.
4. Fix Existing Problems
Even the best dehumidifier may not work effectively if too much outside moisture seeps into your home. Keep water from seeping into your home or office.

Lifting Equipment Co. Ltd (LECOL) is one of the leading stockiest of Dehumidifiers in Kenya and in East Africa. Lecol deals with Gree Dehumidifiers which are among the best in the world and have the following features;


Gree Dehumidifier

Energy saving – when running it consumes 3 watts and on standby 0.5watts.

Water Overflow Protection– This prevents spillage when the water tank is full.

Filter Cleaning reminder– This makes it easier for routine maintenance of the dehumidifier.

Self-diagnosis– In case of a fault in the system the unit troubleshoots its self.

Auto Restart– In the event of power outage, the Gree dehumidifier is able to restart when power resumes.

5 thoughts on “What you need to know before buying a Dehumidifier

  1. Trina Edwards

    Please can you give me prices of dehumidifier for clothes electrics etc. Am situated in diani. You have delivered to me before and wonder if you still do. Thank you.

  2. Trina Edwards

    I bought a gree portable dehumidifier from you in 2016. Today it showed F0 code and then went up F2 code and wont turn on. I have cleaned the filters. What should I now do


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