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What is the purpose of filter driers?


Filter Driers & What they do

As the name suggests, these components are filters. Their main purpose is to filter the refrigerant flowing within the air conditioning system. They should be able to trap and contain moisture, acid, contaminants and wax from flowing through the air conditioner. A filter drier must be replaced anytime the air conditioners is undergoing maintenance or service – anytime the system is exposed to the atmosphere.

In order to know whether the filter is clogged or not, you have to take the temperature an inch before and an inch after the filter. If there is a 3 degree F drop, the filter drier must be clogged and will require a replacement. Filter driers can also be a lifesaver in some cases such as a compressor burnout. A compressor burnout is when the compressor becomes grounded and when it arks it actually burns the refrigerant. The burnt refrigerant will usually turn to a darker color. In conclusion, just changing your AC compressor will not cut it. The only sure way to ensure that your compressor runs its full life is to install new a new filter drier.

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