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The Panasonic QB51 Fridge Compressor

Is your refrigerator having problems?

If it is a compressor-related problem, try to replace your compressor with this one. This Panasonic compressor is built with quality equipment which is durable and reliable. It also has the ability to sustain frequent voltage fluctuations.

– Product Type: Fridge Compressor
– Brand: Panasonic
– Model: QB 51
– Weight: 12kg
– Country of Production: Malaysia
– Color: Black
– Refrigerant Type: R134A

The refrigerator compressor is an electric pump that is fitted at the back of the fridge and it usually makes a humming sound. It contains refrigeration gas that initiates the cooling process – hot air from the compressor circulates to the condenser and cools down quickly into a liquid.

When it comes to replacing a compressor, the process involves the removal of the old compressor and installing a new one. When doing so, precaution has to be taken in order to avoid the damage of other freezing components.

Here at Lecol Kenya, we provide installation and repair services of all related HVAC products and spares, relieving you from the stress of having to go through the process.

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