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The Newlong NP-7A machine and how to replace the needle

The Newlong NP-7A (also known as the ‘bag closer’), is a portable piece of equipment that comes in handy for closing bags. This machine assists in sealing bags of grains, animal feeds, fertilizers, potatoes, chemicals etc. The nature of these bags may include paper bags of potatoes, woven poly bags of fertilizers, sand bags and construction/paint curtains. This machine is optimized by providing a single thread chain stitch closure that allows one to easily open the bag by simply pulling the thread.

Replacing the needle for the newlong NP-7A machine

In case you start experiencing issues such as the stitches getting undone when the bag is tossed onto the pallet, it may be an indication that the needle in the NP-7A bag closer needs replacement. There can be many reasons as to why the needle may have become faulty or damaged. One of the main reasons is that the needle may have hit a hard seed, grain or an object that was inside the bag being sealed. The other reason is that, the needle itself tends to undergo a considerable amount of heat and this may lead to the needle getting bent out of shape or warped.

When you are about to replace the needle for the newlong machine, it is mandatory to check on the needle shape and size before considering to replace the previous one. The D5 needle is the model that is specific for replacement in the NP-7A newlong machine.

When it comes to fitting the needle to the newlong machine, the needle will have an indentation at the eye of the needle. In order to replace the needle in a correct manner, the concave part (identation) will have to face the looper of the machine.

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