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The Importance of Dehumidifiers

If you happen to live in a warm environment, you may come to the realization that the presence of high humidity can seriously have a negative effect to your health and can cause discomfort. Presence of moisture due to humidity, can lead to the buildup of allergens such as mold and dust, both of which are linked to respiratory illnesses and irritation of the skin. Apart from that, humidity can also damage furnishings such as wallpaper and floorboards and can lead to the breeding of dust mites and mildew.

Low humidity levels can also have various negative effects to your health and your living environment. One may experience signs and symptoms such as itching in the eyes, dry throat, cracking/drying of the skin and nose bleeds. On the other hand, it can also have an effect to the living environment, this may include; cracking and warping of wood on floors and furniture, and the buildup of static electricity that can eventually shock people or electronics.

How to control Humidity at Home

The best and most effective way of regulating humidity levels at home, is to purchase a portable or built-in device that will control the humidity levels. Portable dehumidifiers will be able to handle smaller spaces such as rooms, whereas some central air conditioners will do an excellent job of getting rid of excess moisture as well.

At Lecol Kenya, we will provide you with the best dehumidifier that can maintain the optimum level of humidity, which is 45 to 50%. This will prevent allergens from growing and spreading. It will also assist in preventing asthma attacks that would have been triggered by dust, mold and dust mites. It can also soothe your skin by removing allergens from your living space, hence calming the effects of eczema, which is a skin condition.

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