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The GSM communication unit

GSM (Global System for Mobile Communication), is majorly the technology that most phone networks use. GSM networks use TDMA, these work by assigning time slots to multiple conversation streams, alternating them in sequence, and switching between each conversation in short intervals. During these intervals, phones can transmit their information.

Each phone tends to use a subscriber identification module card or SIM card. SIM cards are the main features of GSM phones. This is because, they house your service subscription, network identification, and address book information.

The use of GSM has its own benefits. One of them is widespread coverage. This is the most common advantage of GSM phones, is that, it has extensive network coverage across the world. This is made possible since the GSM phones make use of a ‘harmonized spectrum’, this ensures that despite different countries tend to operate on different bands of frequency, user will still be able to transfer effortlessly between networks and be able to keep the same number. Due to this, GSM users, basically, are able to connect in over 218 countries worldwide.

Another advantage is that, there is a wide variety of GSM phones. Since GSM phones are utilized across the world, there is a wide variety of phones a person can choose from. Hence, customers have flexibility in selecting a handset that meets their requirements and desires, and will not be limited to buying phones that are manufactured in their own countries.

Lastly, GSM phones are known to experience no roaming charges on international calls. Since GSM makes use of the same network worldwide, users may not be charged with a roaming fee for calls made internationally. However, some providers will still charge a service fee on calls made internationally.

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