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Efficiency of Cordless Phones

The landline and the cordless phones have been mistaken to be obsolete, but in actual sense, they are still used in most countries. However, since most people have disregarded the use of landlines and cordless phones, others cannot seem to do without them, since they have the ability to maintain connection without the need for a mobile signal.

How it works

Cordless phones make use of radio frequency in order to connect to the base unit, which is usually connected to a landline phone connection. The base unit also assists in charging the cordless device so that it can later be used wirelessly. Some may even have the functionality of recording answerphone messages when one is unable to receive a call or is not around.

Battery Life

The battery life of cordless phones vary significantly from each other, depending on the make and model of the phone. The phones are usually fitted with rechargeable batteries that get charged by receiving power from the base unit. At LECOL, we specialize in offering Panasonic cordless phones. These have an efficient battery life and can be able to keep you connected for long without having to keep the phone on charge all the time.

Advantages of cordless phones over smartphones

Better sound quality. Based on certain tests, the voice quality and hearing on the cordless phone was significantly better than the cellphone. This can be most favorable for people who tend to suffer from hearing loss, communicating from a noisy place or tend to communicate on a daily basis especially at workplaces.

Improved safety. Cordless phones are usually connected to your physical address, so in case there is an emergency, the emergency operators can exactly know where you are calling from and be able to send help immediately. Unlike cellphones, where they use a GPS-based method to report your location, but cannot exactly specify the address of the building you are in or the floor number.

Maintains connection. As discussed earlier, cordless phones tend to maintain a steady connection in places where mobile signals vary in strength and connection, as long as the base model of the cordless phone is within range.

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