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Condensing Units

What is a Condensing Unit?

A condensing unit is equipment that is used to condense refrigerant gas from its gaseous state to liquid state to complete the refrigeration cycle to achieve cooling.
Condensing units have various designs and come in many sizes ranging from small (domestic) freezer units to very large industrial scale units used in factory processes, depending on the application and temperature one would like to achieve i.e. +4 deg C, 0 deg C or -18 deg C
A condensing Unit is made up of the following

  • Condenser
  • Compressor
  • Solenoid Valve
  • Thermostats
  • Pressure Gauges
  • Liquid Receiver

Types of condensing Units
What separates one condensing unit is the type of compressor fitted on the unit. Below are the commonly used;
– Open/Belt condensing unit
– Semi Hermetic/ Hermetic Condensing unit
– Sealed/Box Condensing Units

Open/Belt Condensing Unit
The main advantage of open/belt type condensing units is that the compressor can be driven by sources other than electricity, such as a turbine or an internal combustion engine.
However, they are susceptible to leakage over time, particularly as the seals begin to age and degrade. Seals are often a thermoplastic material which must be kept lubricated in order to maintain the seal’s effectiveness. At regular intervals, these seals must be replaced. For this reason, an important part of compressor maintenance is a schedule that alerts technicians to replace the compressor seals. In this case, it behooves the technicians to have a ready source of seals ready for installation from Lecol in Mombasa Kenya.

Semi Hermetic/ Hermetic Condensing unit
The difference between semi-hermetic and hermetic compressors is that the latter is manufactured in a one-piece welded steel casing that is never intended to be opened.
That means that any parts that fail within the compressor require that the entire compressor be replaced. In contrast, semi-hermetic compressors can be opened for repair.
The main advantage of both types of compressors is that neither offers a leakage path for gas to escape to the outside world.

Semi hermetic condensing unit

Bitzer Semi hermetic condensing unit

Sealed/Box Condensing Units
Sealed Condensing units also commonly known as Box type Condensing units are used for commercial refrigeration in low and medium temperature applications like cold stores, small food shops, restaurants, butchers, bakeries, etc.
• Improved Efficiency
Reduced energy consumption and lower running costs thanks to efficient compressors and condensers.
• Reliable Unit
Condensing units have proven component reliability and are fully qualified for the most demanding applications. This reduces failure rates and maintenance time.
• Compact and Complete
These small, complete condensing units are designed to meet extreme environmental conditions. Their compact dimensions make them an optimum solution when space is limited.
In addition, hinged doors provide easy access for installation and maintenance.
• Low Sound Levels
Low sound emissions thanks to a soundproof lining on the housing, a compressor jacket and fan speed controller.

Box type condensing unit

Box type condensing unit

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