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CAP-Youth Empowerment Institute Workshop

Recently, we had a very productive practical workshop session, conducted mainly to educate the students of CAP-Youth Empowerment Institute (CAP-YEI). Our Managing Director, Mr. Roshan Merali, started off the program by welcoming the students to our facility, after which he handed over to our Project Manager, Mr. Moses.

They were given a brief tour of the facility, starting from our workshop downstairs, where they were educated on the functionalities of Air Conditioners, and a hands-on approach on how it works and the necessary tools, steps and measures taken in order to repair and maintain the units in a safe, but efficient manner with the assistance of our technicians.

After completing the tour of the workshop, the students were escorted to the terrace where we had our outdoor Air Conditioning units. Here, they were educated on the various parts and their functionality in efficiently running the units. On completing the tour of the terrace, they were now escorted to our showroom, where they were able to see the products we offered.

After completing the tour, the students were allowed to ask some questions and express their views regarding the workshop, and our Project Manager ended the session by giving a brief closing speech by acknowledging the successful completion of the workshop.

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