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Benefits of Window/Wall Extractor Fans


Extractor fans are mechanical fans that function by extracting/drawing smoke, steam, grease and unpleasant smells away from spaces such as kitchens, bathrooms etc. They can either be mounted on walls or windows. An extractor fan filters the air it draws in before releasing the air through an outside vent.


Extractor fans can be installed in any room that may be having problems related to heat, humidity, smoke or gases. The following below are the main benefits of having extractor fans installed.

  1. Humidity Control

Bathrooms/Laundry are the main rooms where extractor fans may be installed in order to control humidity. Many people tend to struggle with mold or mildew that may have been caused by steam and constant humidity. These problems can be avoided by installing a small exhaust fan that may be installed either in the ceiling or on a wall. This will pull the moist air out of the room and will leave the air dry – this will prevent the growth of mold spores/mildew and also control the level of humidity.


  1. Gas and smoke removal

Areas that may accumulate harmful airborne pollutants can benefit from having an extractor fan installed. These areas may include basements where old gas appliances are used, areas where people gather and smoke, garages and workshops where dust accumulation is high. Installation of extractor fans in such areas will help reduce respiratory illnesses that may result from harmful air pollutants such as smoke, gas and dust.

  1. Heat removal

Areas that are highly affected by hot climate are suitable for having extractor fans installed as a heat removal tool. Since hot air tends to rise and accumulate around the ceiling, an extractor fan can ideally be placed into the roof space so that there is continual extraction of heat and allowing cooler air to flow into the room.

  1. Maintaining Wall and Fabric Health

This mainly affects areas where people smoke indoors. The tar in the smoke tends to build up slowly and a thin layer of tar develops on the walls, windows and furniture. By installing an extractor fan, the smoke will be extracted and this will keep the walls and furniture clean for a longer period of time.

NB: When installing the extractor fans in the ceiling, it is important to be careful of the insulation and the box with insulation should not be covered until the installation is complete. Most ceiling fans tend to vent into the roof spaces but some will require some ducting on the outside.

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